Meridian Core
Meridian Core
Environment dense urban
Domain Traits small, densely packed, relatively defensible, little incidence of ferals, structures resistant to erosion and decay, running water, little food
Common Trades tithe collection, any kind of crafting, scavenging, trading, performance arts
Resources metal, glass, some ancient materials, piped water
Population around 1,700; 90% human
Changeling Rate 2%

The Meridian Core is the most densely built-up part of the entire city. Home to a forest of skyscrapers and towers, it was probably the center of city business once upon a time. The streets of the core are dark, shadowed by the many artificial peaks of metal, ceramic, and glass through every hour save highest noon. Combined with the relative lack of greenery — weeds have sprouted up through the slick gray roads, but shrubs and trees are few, and flowers grow only where tended — this lack of light gives the core a dismal, gloomy atmosphere. The streets are covered with dust and debris, thickly dotted by rusting contraptions which surely once served some purpose… but now only sit and decay, too far-gone to reveal their mysteries to anyone.

Roaches, rats, and feral dogs are regular features of life in the core just as everywhere else, despite the relative lack of edible things; evidently they find enough. Ferals are nearly unheard-of, however, and wilderness predators rarely venture so far into the city. Changelings are also rare occurrences, and mutant packs hold only a small minority of the core's domains. Most domains in the core consist of a single building, or at most an entire block; generally only the first two to four floors of any building are used. People have learned the hard way that higher floors — particularly those in the higher reaches of skyscrapers — are more likely to be unstable. On the other hand, those willing to risk may still find artifacts on the upper levels and in deserted buildings.

Food largely has to be imported to the core, along with other everyday materials such as wood and wool. Many consider this a fair trade for safety from ferals, a lack of changelings, and buildings of superior construction. Some few domains have attempted to start gardens, but there are few available flat surfaces — essentially whatever ground isn't built-over — and it is extremely likely someone will steal the produce. However, the ground floors of many buildings still have places where you can wave a hand and instantly get cold water — at least most of the time.


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