Collumbra meadow
Environment rural
Domain Traits large, relatively undeveloped, difficult to patrol, prone to incursions by wild animals and ferals
Resources arable land, feral animals, river access, wood
Population around 500; 95% human
Changeling Rate 17%
Surrounding Regions
Meridian North wooded verge, North River wooded verge
Meridian North Collumbra Ash Hallow
Meridian Core Gray Zone, No Man's Land Ash Hallow

A large expanse of gently rolling land with as much forest as open space, Collumbra is one of the least developed regions in the entire city. Ancient roads crisscross the region, gray surfaces pitted and crumbling, shot through with green growth; but ancient buildings are fewer, and relatively far between. The forests are predominantly evergreen, with the most common trees being fir, hemlock, and cedar; cottonwood, alder, maple, and yew can be found sporadically mixed in. In the spring, Collumbra's meadows turn many colors from the diversity of flowers found here. At the easternmost point of Collumbra, a densely forested butte juts almost straight up from the ground.

The majority of farmholds are concentrated here due to the shortage of arable land in other parts of the city. Because of the land- and labor-intensive nature of farming, both domains and families tend to be larger than those found elsewhere in the city. Collumbra being on the northeastern edge of the occupied city, it is also very close to the North River; a series of irrigation canals was dug from the river to the farmholds in years past, providing a ready source of water for their crops — so long as the river runs full.

Collumbra is bordered on the east and south by either true hazard zones or regions which aren't far from being declared so. Ferals frequently spill over from those areas, as do more mundane predators such as cougars and wolves, particularly in hard years. Collumbra also has one of the highest prevalences of changelings in the entire city, affecting nearly one in five children; however, most changelings eventually emigrate. Some believe Collumbra should be abandoned, its human population pulling back into the safer regions of the city. Others fear that without Collumbra's farmholds, every other streetsider in the city will eventually starve.


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