Non-Player Characters

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Non-player characters are the supporting roles and extras of the roleplaying world.

Local Color

"Local color" NPCs are one-shot, disposable characters used in a single scene. They may or may not be named; they are bit parts who exist to further your scene, and do not have recurring roles. If you need a vendor to sell your character a trinket, a brash drunkard to incite a brawl, or just a troupe of kids entertaining themselves in the street, then you want this kind of NPC — and you are absolutely free to make them up and emit them on the spot, no moderator oversight needed.

NPCs in this category must follow a few simple rules:

  • They cannot be influential or otherwise rare characters — no fetches, no golems, no technomancers, no socially-notable humans, no pack leaders, etc.
  • They cannot be part of an established player pack or family, i.e. any group appearing on the society page. Bit-part scholars are allowed.
  • They cannot have recurring or otherwise significant roles in your character development. Buddies, mentors, rivals, packmates, relatives, and the like do not count as "local color".

Personal NPCs

Personal NPCs are the next step up from "local color": those with recurring roles and/or significant relationships, either to your character or to someone else's. A mentor or student, a child or other relative, a packmate — all of these are personal NPCs. So are plot-driving NPCs, e.g. if you emit a thief for other players to track down. It is preferred to use PCs for plot-driving roles whenever possible, but if no PCs are a suitable foil, an NPC may be created for the niche instead.


Personal NPCs are not mini-PCs! They cannot be used in independent threads.
These NPCs must be approved by a moderator before use.

Every personal NPC has a designated manager. Ideally, all appearances by that NPC should be played by that person; however, they may grant permission for someone else to use the NPC on a scene-by-scene basis. This permission must be secured in advance and noted in the scene thread.

Personal NPCs must have an NPC sheet written up and approved by staff before they are used in a scene. This is essentially an abbreviated character sheet containing:

  • the NPC's manager (i.e. you)
  • vital stats (name, age, race, etc.)
  • physical description
  • NPC role/purpose
  • skills/abilities as appropriate

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Moderated NPCs

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