Map of the City and Environs

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Regions of the City

These large areas have nebulous boundaries, defined only by societal convention, but their names are recognized citywide. Quite a few scholars have attempted to determine whether there is any history behind the labels or the divisions; it remains a mystery.

Hazard Zones

"Verge" is the generic term for all lands surrounding the occupied city, places which were themselves once part of the city but have long since been abandoned and reclaimed by wilderness. There are regions within the verge which merit names of their own — places just as overgrown and derelict as the rest of the verge, but far more hazardous, thickly infested by ferals as if they held within their ruins something worth defending. Rumor has it that these are strongholds of enigmatic ancient technology, treasure troves awaiting discovery by someone skilled and lucky enough to survive venturing within.

Public Spaces

By universal agreement, these areas are not and cannot be claimed by any faction. These are sometimes hotspots of trade, sometimes places of awe and mystery, and sometimes just not worth the trouble to secure. Custom also considers them to be neutral space; conflicts are supposed to be left at the border. Of course, reality doesn't always live up to that ideal.

Occupied Domains

These places are claimed by factions; while most allow outsiders to come and go as needed, the rules for each are dictated by the possessor.

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