City Term Meaning
artificer Combination inventor, engineer, and smith; someone who delights in pushing the boundaries of modern technology but does not dabble in ancient tech.
cabal A secret society of technomancers widely believed to have evil motives. An urban legend.
changeling One generally human but also with animalistic traits. The lowest class of the city.
feral One of the strange and usually savage creatures often found in hazard zones beyond the city proper.
golem Any artificial intelligence dating from ancient times. An urban legend.
hazard zone Parts of the verge which are notoriously dangerous to enter and thickly infested by ferals. Commonly thought to be strongholds of ancient tech.
lonewolf A streetsider who attempts to survive alone, without family or pack to support them.
moiety The main societal and kin-groups of the Ark, defined by blood relationships. Members are the highest class of the city.
pack An affiliated group of people living on the city streets, not connected by blood ties.
streetsider Anyone who lives on the city streets, not in the Ark or as part of a family holding.
technomancer One who attempts to understand and — worse yet — use ancient technology. Generally regarded with apprehension and distrust.
verge The unoccupied outskirts of the city, abandoned over the generations and reclaimed by wilderness.
Fetch Term Meaning
fayth A fetch with powers of insight and perception. Generally considered lorekeepers and guides.
djinn A fetch with elemental powers.
moroi A fetch who has fallen and been corrupted by darkness. Generally loathed and feared, they typically despise other fetches in turn.
nagual A shapeshifting fetch, with abilities related to their animal form.
shadows Creatures which appear to be animate pieces of darkness, and occupy the dead world. Considered to be enemies.
valraven A fetch with primarily combative abilities, focused in their unique weapons.
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