Ferals are strange, often savage creatures which dwell in hazard zones and, more sparsely, in the abandoned city verge. It is not uncommon for them to venture into occupied regions which border on their native territories. They are believed to be unnatural — though whether demons, golem-esque constructs, or beasts corrupted by technology depends on who you ask. No one knows why they came to be or if they ever had a purpose; these days, they are very effective at keeping down the number of adventurers in hazard zones.

The general opinion is that ferals guard the hazard zones and city verge from human intrusion, although this is pure speculation. A minority camp holds that ferals are corralling humans and completing their extermination, either by their own intention or in accordance with some plan of their long-dead makers — depending on how much intelligence one ascribes to these beasts. In some respect, that is the de facto situation — venturing outside the occupied regions of the city leaves a traveler open to attack by ferals, no matter which direction they travel in.

The ferals most commonly encountered in the city closely resemble natural animals; they seem to have much the same relationship to natural animals as changelings do to humans. It is not known whether these strains are sterile, as with changelings, though not for lack of attempts to find out. These beasts are generally more aggressive than wild animals, and appear to have extremely strong territorial instincts; when they claim a territory, they defend it against humans and some other feral strains. Oddly enough, ferals seem to have little care for the presence and activities of natural animals, whether wild or domesticated; though they at times come into conflict over food or shelter.

There are stories of stranger ferals found deep within the hazard zones — things that have no relationship to natural creatures, things that could as easily be golems as beasts. As with most hearsay — particularly regarding hazard zones — the stories are many, but proof is in short supply.

Player Usage

Any feral type which is not tagged restricted may be emitted by players at their own discretion. Please do make sure the ferals you use in your scenes are appropriate to the setting.

Contact staff regarding all restricted feral strains.

Documented Feral Strains

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