Creating a Group

The vast majority of people are affiliated with a family or a pack, if streetsider. Everyone in the Ark is affiliated with a moiety. Even those who aren't part of a group now were born and raised somewhere. The attitudes and ideals of these groups, their relationships with other factions, are central to city life and how a person navigates it. This page outlines how to create new factions if none of the established ones fit your concept.

Active Affiliations

ALL groups with which characters are currently affiliated must be documented on the wiki.

Players are strongly encouraged to affiliate their characters with an existing group if at all possible. However, if absolutely none fit your concept, you may submit an application to establish another. Note that any approved faction will be placed into the game's 'public domain', unless a specific arrangement is made with staff — in other words, any other character may join the group and/or make references to it in their history, if it makes sense for them and for the group. Group membership will only be restricted if a very good reason is presented to staff.

Background Affiliations

The vast majority of characters will have at least one affiliation in their history: if nothing else, they were born into a family once upon a time. Even the most obstinate of lonewolves, the most despised of changelings, the most maverick of humans, will have that history — and the baggage which comes with it. If at all possible, players are encouraged to use an existing family/moiety in their history, the better to have connections with existing PCs.

However, it may happen that your concept needs a particular environment to happen, one that no existing pack or family provides. If the group you envision would still be active in the IC present, you may apply to create the faction, just as above. If this group was dispersed, taken over, destroyed, or is otherwise no longer around, it does not need to be added to the wiki — except if more than one character will be using it in their backstory.

You may only establish one such group per character backstory. In other words, if your changeling bounced through half a dozen packs before finding the one they liked, you may only submit one to add to the faction database.

Creation Process


All new factions must bring something 'different' to the playing table. If the proposed group is fundamentally similar to another which already exists, it will be denied and the player directed to that extant group instead.

This is a placeholder for what and how to submit.

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