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The Character Sheet

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Choosing a race

There are three races to be found in the city: humans, changelings, and golems.

  • Humans make up about four-fifths of the population and are generally higher in social standing, although as a population they span the gamut from high society to dirt-poor.
  • Changelings make up about one-fifth of the population and are distinctly second-class; though born human, they develop inhuman characteristics during childhood and are frequently outcast for it. Changelings are also sterile.
  • Golems are artificial intelligences which live hidden and secretive existences, vastly outnumbered by the human population; those which remain are so cautious, most people think of them as demons of long-gone ages, no more than myth in this era. Nearly all who remain can visually pass for human.

Fetches are not a race as such, but reincarnated spirits — passengers in the minds of their human or changeling avatars. A fetch's avatar is burdened with dual identity and the fragmented memories of former lives, but acquires the magic of their alterego as well.


New players are advised to start with a human or changeling who is not an avatar.

Naming your character

  • Humans are the only people entitled to a personal name and a family name. All human characters should be created as "firstname lastname", e.g. Brian Lockwood.
  • Changelings use a single given name, e.g. Rachel. By social convention, they lose all claim to a family name when they are changed.
  • Golems should use a human- or changeling-style name; which is to say, human-comprehensible word(s), not a serial number or mechanical sound. Most golems were originally created to interact with people, and personalized accordingly.
  • For fetches, names must come from mythology — preferably Norse, Greek, Egyptian, or Sumerian in origin. The name can come from a deity or person, e.g. Artemis, or an appropriate personification, e.g. Sybil. (Appropriate personifications are those which fit into the defined fetch classes.)

Character concept

Your character concept should be around one or two well-fleshed paragraphs. This should summarize the major events which shaped your character and their driving forces/goals — in short, who they are and where they are going. It should also capture a sense of their personality and moral code (or lack thereof), their strengths and flaws as a person.


This should be a one- or two-paragraph summary of your character's general appearance — their physical characteristics and typical mode of dress — written in third person. Never presume actions or emotions on the part of the viewer (e.g. "your eyes scan down"). Similarly, do not write actions for your character into their description (e.g. "he flashes a smile as you look at him"); actions belong in RP.




Approval and beginning play

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