Type avian
Size ~12" height, ~16" wingspan
Color black, crimson
Attributes intelligent, night vision, metallic beak & claws, social
Habitat widespread, nocturnal
Encountered frequently

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Gorecrows are jay-sized black birds, about three-quarters the size of true crows. Red feathers mark their throats, matching the mad crimson shade of these birds' eyes. Some have pinkish to red splotches on their legs as well, though most are plain gray. Their beaks and talons are a curiously metallic gray-black; they appear to somehow incorporate metals, becoming very hard and literally razor-sharp. Gorecrows are usually encountered at dusk or during the night, and seem to have quite good night vision — as well as a marked preference for fresh meat in their diet.

Gorecrows typically occur in swarms of six to thirty birds, with smaller swarms being more common, and anyone who encounters them is quite certain they communicate at a high level. These ferals are particularly known for vindictive ferocity; anyone who kills a gorecrow had best be prepared to dispatch the rest of the swarm immediately afterwards. Gorecrows can be trapped alive, but their compatriots will stake out the area and await the trap-setter's return with murderous intent. Based on careful study of captured birds, these ferals are quite probably more intelligent than the crows they resemble; captive gorecrows are notorious for escaping, and appear to hold grudges for a very long time.

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