Type felid
Size ~200 lbs
Color gray, varying
Attributes chameleon fur, other attributes unknown
Habitat wooded verge
Encountered not often

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Ghostcats are elusive ferals, rarely seen or heard, and rarely survived when encountered; sightings have only been documented in wooded areas of the verge, most often on the eastern side of the city. They are approximately the size of a cougar, but their differing build suggests no direct relationship. Ghostcat pelts seem to be naturally light gray spotted with charcoal, but are changeable, becoming splotched in lighter or darker grays to match the cat's surroundings. This chameleon ability lets ghostcats blend in with darkness, shadows, and fog quite readily. Ghostcats are thought to be most active at twilight and/or nighttime hours, and are believed to have solitary habits like most native felines.

No specimens are known to have ever been taken for study, alive or dead; what other abilities these ferals have remain unknown.

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