The Cabal

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All technomancers study ancient tech, but most do so out of curiosity — because it's an enigma, because it piques their interest, because it exists at all. It is a fascination and an obsession, with all the allure of dancing flames — everyone knows technology is dangerous, and every technomancer is certain they're better than the risks. But to the Cabal, technology is far more than that: it is a tool which can be used to improve life. Anyone can look at ancient relics and see that truth — the structures in the heart of the city which never rot, the mysteries of the Ark. The Cabal recruits technomancers who not only play with technology, but believe it can be a path to better lives.

That's not to say the Cabal is all kindness and benevolence; far from it. Some want only to improve their own lot, or those of their immediate family and friends. Most have no compunctions about making the rest of the city accept technological improvements — if they ever get their personal holy grails to work, that is. All are accustomed to learning through trial and error, where errors can have grave consequences for themselves and others: it takes broken eggs to make omelets. And every technomancer is a radical, accepting the censure of general society in order to pursue their interests and passions; they have by definition broken a major social covenant, and typically have few scruples about breaking others. The Cabal as a whole does deserve its reputation, and it's no wonder its members keep their affiliations secret. It isn't even wise to be a known technomancer, outside of the Ark.

Much like the scholars, the Cabal is not exactly a focused organization. Technomancers themselves are too independent and even paranoid for that. There are no meetings of the whole membership, and in fact, there are not even rosters of the full membership to be had. But there is a healthy and flourishing grapevine, which helps members to know the state of different regions as it impacts them — i.e. when there are tech-related disasters somewhere and any smart technomancer should lay low a while. It is a source of assistance, such as with expeditions to hazard zones or in solving difficult technical puzzles, and a way to share discoveries with those who will appreciate them.

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