Riverwatch Pack

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Region west Hawthorne
Domain Size
Specialties hunting, scavenging, policing against ferals
Membership non-discriminatory


Riverwatch is among the oldest of packs, one of few which has carried the same name and purpose for generations — indeed, for as long as living memory can recall. Its origins are long since lost, but its domain has always been on the western edge of Hawthorne, focused around the sole surviving bridge over the Western River — a bridge whose far end terminates in the Shadowglen hazard zone.

Philosophy and Purpose

The primary purpose of Riverwatch is to guard the western bridge. This mission has been handed down through many generations of pack leadership, surviving the passage of time as few ideals do. Pack members are self-appointed sentries against anything which might cross over from Shadowglen. They are also something of local experts on ferals, at least with respect to finding them and eliminating them; understanding the whys and wherefores of the creatures is more a scholar's pursuit. Additionally, Riverwatch is collectively as close to an expert on the Shadowglen hazard zone as any can be — which is not to actually say they know much. Just that they know more than anyone else.


Generally, denizens of Hawthorne are respectful of the Riverwatch pack, grateful for their efforts against ferals. It is not uncommon for other packs and their wards to voluntarily tithe goods or services to Riverwatch in appreciation, even though Riverwatch has no actual authority over them or their domains. Scholars and technomancers (typically in the guise of scholars) also do business with Riverwatch — whether it's coming out to study a recently killed feral or seeking a guide for an expedition into Shadowglen.

Overall, Riverwatch is considered a solid and upstanding pack. Despite occupying a comparatively high-risk domain, the pack shelters many wards on the strength of its reputation.


  • Frostbite: The Frostbite pack occupies the domain just north of Riverwatch territory. Its predecessor, Blackfrost, was an ally of Riverwatch; however, Frostbite's aggressive tendencies and the fact that Riverwatch took in the humans they expelled make the current Frostbite regime an enemy of Riverwatch.

Domain and Resources

Riverwatch occupies one of the larger Hawthorne domains, located along the southwest edge of the region. Around four dozen small, residential-type buildings take up half of the pack's territory; the remainder is lightly forested, mostly with broadleaf trees. In the west and south, Riverwatch's domain stops at the riverbank, while roads on the north and east serve as borders with other pack domains.

Bordering on the river as it does, Riverwatch has easy access to water. Some crops are grown in the more open parts of the domain, particularly nuts, berries, and other plants suited to woodland habitats; however, yield is not enough for Riverwatch to be self-sufficient or even to trade much produce to other packs, particularly as the pack members themselves are only haphazard farmers. Fish is a staple of the Riverwatch diet, and its members frequently hunt either outside the city or — if they dare — across the bridge in the edges of Shadowglen. Pack members also scavenge items from Shadowglen, and may guide scholars and technomancers into it for a hefty fee.

However, the single most important resource for Riverwatch — aside from water — is the service they provide to the rest of Hawthorne. The Riverwatch pack is best known as hunters of ferals, both within their own domain and in other nearby areas. In return for this service, other packs and streetsiders often gift items to the pack in an informal tithe, or offer goods and services at reduced cost.

Membership and Hierarchy

Riverwatch membership is open to anyone, provided they are willing to dedicate themselves to policing the territory and risking their life to combat anything which emerges from Shadowglen — feral, golem, or unknown other. The pack operates on a simple hierarchical model — there is the leader, his chosen lieutenants, and then the rest of the pack. Riverwatch is small and close-knit; its members do not stand on ceremony with one another, and use no titles.

In the past, when power has changed hands, it has almost always been due to the untimely death of the former leader, and the rest of the pack comes to a consensus on who should lead next. While there have occasionally been competing bids for leadership, one is typically vastly better supported than the other — above all else, the Riverwatch leader must be competent to direct their pack against things from out of Shadowglen, and the rest of the pack must trust in their competence.

Riverwatch's present leader is a human who goes by only George; whatever his family affiliation, he appears to have abandoned it, a rare choice for a human.



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