Frostbite Pack

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Region west Hawthorne
Domain Size
Trade scavenging, aggressive expansion
Membership changeling only


Frostbite is a young pack, established less than one year ago after a hostile takeover of the former Blackfrost domain. Frostbite has since expanded into adjacent pack territories, and its leadership seems intent on owning as large a piece of Hawthorne as aggression will support.


Frostbite is aggressively anti-human and anti-tech.


The current leadership of Frostbite has already challenged and usurped several packs; its neighbors all fear they could be the next target. No one believes Frostbite is likely to be content with its present territory; the prevailing questions are when they will strike, where they will strike, and who will emerge triumphant. Of course, this doesn't stop other packs and families from trading with Frostbite when it is to mutual advantage — they just do so very cautiously. Particularly families, as it is no secret that Frostbite has no love for humans.

Success, however, inspires confidence. A number of young changelings have flocked to Frostbite's domain in the interest of joining the pack; some have been turned away, but any who fit with the pack's prevailing attitudes are accepted. This swell in numbers can only increase the pack's appetite for territory…


  • Riverwatch: As the Riverwatch domain is just south of Frostbite, considerable tension exists between the two packs — all the more so because Riverwatch accepted the humans Frostbite earlier expelled.

Domain and Resources

Frostbite occupies a large domain on the western edge of Hawthorne. It is bounded on the west by the river, and by other domains in all other directions. About two-thirds of the territory consists of small, residential-type buildings and their associated lots; the western and northern edges are both lightly forested.


Frostbite accepts only changelings into its ranks; humans need not apply. Those humans who were once part of Blackfrost were expelled from the territory — or executed, if they were unwilling to depart peaceably — when the pack became Frostbite.

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